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Why quitting can be the best career move you can make

You don’t have to pull a Jerry Maguire walkout or make an infamous TikTok video to pull a power move. Quitting can be the best career move you make if you have clarity about what you want out of your career and life and are not simply running away from the negatives of your current job. 

Emily Thompson, the cofounder and host of Being Boss, a podcast and community for creative entrepreneurs says, “When you feel called to make the kind of career decision that has you leave your job, your world opens up in just as many ways as you may feel it closing in. Harness that power while you have it.”

If you’re thinking about quitting to start your own business or to freelance, you’d be joining the 37% of the workforce already doing so. For those looking for the freedom of self-employment, here are some of the biggest benefits. 

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