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Why Diversity Is Important in Real Estate

Housing impacts every part of a person’s life. Where they work, where they go to school, who they know, what resources they have access to, etc. As we recognize June as Pride Month, we continue conversations of diversity, equity and inclusion within our businesses and personal lives. Diversity matters in real estate. By looking closer at the role it plays, we can see how its influence can make a positive difference.

“The NAR code of ethics is the foundation of what REALTORS® do,” says Julie Nelson, Austin real estate agent, author and speaker. “We have all pledged to follow that code of ethics. Our job is to protect our clients’ best interests in their fiduciary and not discriminate based on any other protected classes.”

Although The Fair Housing Act protects against discrimination in home-buying and renting, it does not include protections for gender and sexual orientation. The Equality Act, which is in the process of becoming a law, aims to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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