July 6, 2020

VC diversity programs are shifting online to try to maintain momentum

By Sam Shead

Programs aiming to tackle the venture capital industry’s systemic lack of diversity are shifting online amid the coronavirus pandemic as they try to sustain their momentum.

This year, London-based Diversity VC and Included VC have tweaked their courses, which aim to get more people into tech investing from diverse backgrounds.

VC has a reputation for being among the least diverse industries in the world. In the U.S., the industry is 70% white and 80% male, while 40% hail from Stanford or Harvard, according to analysis by Equal Ventures. In the U.K., just 13% of top VC jobs are occupied by women, according to a report from Diversity VC. It’s a self-perpetuating prophecy: most of the industry’s capital still flows to a relatively narrow group of founders who tend to have things in common with the VCs themselves.