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Two-thirds of single women say they’re not waiting until marriage to become homeowners, study finds

Single women aren’t postponing major life decisions until they tie the knot — including the decision to buy a home.

A solid majority of single women don’t plan on waiting until they’re married to pursue mortgages, according to recently released data from Bank of America. About 2 in 3 single women (65%) reported that they would rather not wait until they were married to buy homes, regardless of how old they were.

Nearly a third of all female homeowners in the US bought a home while unmarried. These numbers come as more women have become homeowners in the past three decades, marriage rates have declined dramatically in the past six decades, and a growing number of millennials and Generation Z adults say they don’t planto have children, a decision that shapes home buying for many families.

Single women are also quietly dominating the housing market, with more single women owning homes than men in the biggest cities in the country.

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