October 16, 2020

‘Time’ Director Garrett Bradley: ‘The Way in Which Images Make Us Feel Becomes Fact’

By Carlos Aguilar

Director Garrett Bradley first met Fox Rich, a resilient woman fighting to free her husband serving a 60-year sentence, during the making of the filmmaker’s 2017 documentary “Alone,” about the ripple effects of incarceration on families. Her latest work, “Time,” which won the Directing Award for Documentary at Sundance this year, began as a 13-minute short film centered on Rich’s story. Initially, Bradley envisioned it just as a companion piece to “Alone.”

But once she was done shooting footage for the short, Rich handed her a bag of years’ worth of her family archive on mini DV tape, which she had been shooting since the ’90s. The gravitas of that responsibility, someone entrusting her with physical material containing precious and painful memories, pushed her to make an entire feature film on Rich, her loved ones, and their plight.