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The US social safety net has been ripped to shreds — and women are paying the price

CNN)Across the nation, people are navigating a new normal: caring for ailing family members; supporting partners through unemployment; turning their living quarters into offices; tending to children between work calls or helping them learn at home.

To be sure, the pandemic presents challenges for all adults, but the new reality has exposed the inequalities that place an outsized burden on women — in Covid-19 times and in normal times.
When you really consider it, women do the work that awelfare state should do. They often become thefundraisers when school budgets don’t meet kids’ needs; the nurses when their elderly and ailing kin can’t afford the high costs of health care; the mentors when employers fail to train or support new hires; the child care providers when center-based care is too expensive or can’t cover the hours their friends and family need.
Why must women take on these responsibilities? Because the government has systematically underinvested in our well-being, and as a result, people in the US — especially those with limited power and resources — are expected to self-care their way through hard times. Left without a safety net, women have engineered their own. The work of building and maintaining that safety net is taking a serious toll on women. And the only real way to reduce that burden is for state and federal policymakers to build a robust welfare state that does the work women currently do
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