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The Missing Link To The Media’s Diversity And Inclusivity Problem – And How To Use It For Change

When Meghan Markle called out the British press for being racist in her interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, large numbers of journalists spoke out for the first time about the bigotry going on behind the scenes, too.

Stating that the media is lacking in diversity – both in terms of how it covers stories and the people writing them – is certainly not groundbreaking, but one of the keys to unlocking the problem, is.

Whilst those within the industry put necessary pressure on decision-makers to make their hiring practices more diverse and inclusive, there’s another key player in the process that has so far been overlooked but that, if it were engaged in the struggle, could help make massive progress too.

That key player is PR.

Anyone who’s worked in either industry knows that the media and PR (public relations) are in a codependent relationship. The media relies on PR to deliver the sources they need for stories and PRs rely on the media to provide coverage for their clients.

As such, PR could have a huge influence on the diversification of the media – something couple Lucy Sambrook and Toya Satnarine had at the forefront of their minds when they set up their affordable and inclusive virtual subscription PR brand, PR for the People, in 2020.

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