August 6, 2019

The Impact Of ‘Jane The Virgin’ Cannot Be Overstated

By Gwen Aviles

“What do you mean the telenovela’s gonna end?” a young Jane Gloriana Villanueva, sandwiched on the couch between her mother and grandmother, asks in a flashback in the beginning of the “Jane the Virgin” series finale.

“They always have an ending,” her abuela Alba says. “But it’s always a happy one. The good people always get what they deserve. And there’s usually a wedding.”

After five whirlwind seasons, the “Jane the Virgin” finale delivered on that promise with an end resembling a modern-day fairy tale. Jane actualizes her dream of becoming a successful, published author; she marries Rafael, after years of tension; and she grows alongside her family in an intergenerational tale about the strength, beauty and power of women.