January 17, 2020

Sundance Partnership Extends Accessibility for Attendees With Disabilities

By Katie Kilkenny

The Sundance Film Festival is making changes to improve accessibility for attendees with disabilities.

The Ruderman Family Foundation on Wednesday announced a partnership with the Sundance Institute to provide more resources for attendees with disabilities and to include a greater amount of programming featuring people with disabilities, including an opening-weekend film.

The disability organization is helping to improve the accessibility of closed captioning (CC) at the fest with CaptiView devices and Feature Film Captioning Service. It will also be expanding Audio Description (AD) and Assisted Listening Devices (ALD) with headseats for AD and ALD and Feature Film Audio Description Service. American Sign Language interpretation will additionally be available at all official Sundance events and official panels at the festival’s Filmmaker Lodge.

All Sundance theaters have CC, AD and ALD devices that can be requested from theater staff at the start of an event and retrieved by them afterward. All theaters are additionally wheelchair-accessible and offer seating for attendees with disabilities and companions. Wheelchair-accessible shuttles are available on festival transit roads, and staff and volunteers have been trained to work with attendees with mobility devices if they ask for them.