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‘Slow Down,’ ‘Don’t Quit’: Advice From 7 Women Who Overcame Their Pandemic Struggles

Is there a woman in your community who has overcome great challenges in their personal lives during the pandemic?

In October, we asked our audience this question. It’s part our special report that profiled 19 remarkable women across the globe who – despite the crisis — are surviving and thriving.

NPR received over 50 nominations for this call out. Many are women whose lives were upended by the pandemic — but found a way to make the most of their situation, for themselves or their communities. An artist who lost her job raised funds to buy art supplies for children in her neighborhood. A doctor in Yemen, a country grappling with a civil war, drives up to five hours to educate patients about the coronavirus in remote villages. A newly single mom of two finds strength in a saying from her Congolese heritage.

Here are seven stories of women making a difference. These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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