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Should women be entitled to period leave? These countries think so

Hong Kong (CNN Business)Sachimi Mochizuki has worked in Japan for two decades, but she’s never taken a day off for her period.

That’s mostly because Mochizuki is lucky — her periods aren’t a big problem. But she’s also been reluctant to use Japan’s long-standing leave entitlement as that would have involved telling her managers, most of whom have been male, that she was menstruating.
“It’s very private and, especially in Japan, that’s still kind of a taboo,” said Mochizuki, who works in event management. “We don’t want to talk about it with any men.”
Japan’s period leave entitlement has existed for more than 70 years, and the country isn’t alone in Asia in having such a policy. South Korea adopted period leave in 1953. And in China and India, provinces and companies are increasingly adopting menstruation leave policies with a range of entitlements.
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