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‘Roofie robber’ spree turns deadly as 2 killed in NYC drugging attacks on gay men 

Two more parents have come forward to warn New Yorkers about organized crime gangs who are drugging and robbing young men at gay bars in Hell’s Kitchen and are suspected of murdering at least two victims. 

The NYPD has formed a grand larceny task force to investigate at least a dozen similar non-fatal cases in which well-dressed victims were targeted by three men at gay bars, drugged, and robbed of tens of thousands of dollars, after their bank accounts were emptied and credit cards maxed out. 

The homicide squad separately is investigating at least two associated murders. 

The medical examiner also is examining deaths previously thought to be drug overdoses to see if there are toxicological links to the gangs. 

While most of the venues targeted are gay bars, at least one victim was approached at an Irish pub in Greenwich Village. 

Linda Clary, the courageous mother of homicide victim John Umberger, 33, spoke out last week to warn other young New Yorkers about the menace lurking on their nights out. 

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