May 22, 2020

Roger Goodell’s plan to fix NFL’s diversity issue is part of problem


Between us, if I were the commissioner of the NFL and I suspected that a team was practicing institutionalized racism in hiring team executives and coaches, I’d see to it, and pronto, that it end, serious consequences to follow.

But that’s not how Roger Goodell operates. He prefers to perform as the pandering Great White Father by treating all like dopes, safely painting all with the same dripping paint roller.

Last week, to the surprise of those who can see, Goodell announced that the NFL hasn’t done nearly enough to hire minority assistant coaches, head coaches, GMs, VPs — even if the increased presence of black sideline coaches, field booth coaches and inside execs became difficult to miss.

Goodell even suggested a process through which teams would be rewarded improved draft pick positions for increased interviews, if not the hiring, of minority candidates — a measure that has since been tabled.

In other words, Goodell would replace that frequent draft time bromide about choosing the “best available” player to instead conduct more token interviews, token hires, insulting all minority candidates who can reasonably conclude that they’re being indulged for nothing more significant than their race.