December 2, 2019

Placido Domingo Responds To Sex Harassment Claims: Spaniards Are ‘Affectionate’

Opera superstar Placido Domingo defended himself against multiple claims of sexual harassment in an article Friday by saying his “gallant gestures” had been misconstrued.

He also told the online Spanish publication El Confidencial that Spaniards are naturally “warm, affectionate and loving.”

The legendary tenor called the allegations against him in the U.S. a “nightmare” amid the Me Too movement and strongly denied that he had done anything wrong.

“I have been gallant, but always within the limits of gentlemanliness, respect and sensitivity,” Domingo said, according to a translation by The Associated Press. The 78-year-old conceded that “gallant gestures are viewed differently nowadays.”

He complained that the accusations against him were given “automatic” credibility and said he felt “prematurely judged, sentenced and convicted.” He has not been charged with a crime.