January 13, 2020

Of Course Artificial-Intelligence Startups Are Helping Businesses Fake Diversity


Pity the man who hates markets. Attempt to do away with them, a la Stalin in the ’30s or Mao in the ’50s, and the rabble will begin to trade illegally. Maintain a command economy long enough, and reformers will arise to push the pendulum in the other direction. So powerful are market forces, in fact, that they direct the politics of 21st-century America as plainly as 20th-century Russia and China. Just as Stalinism created the conditions that would yield Nikita Khrushchev and Maoism the soil in which Deng Xiaoping would grow, so the commodity that is Donald Trump was bought by a people disappointed with the inauthenticity of previous electoral “purchases.” For every need, a product.

(Note to General Mills: Swapping out a Caucasian model’s head is insufficient if her exposed midriff remains white.)