August 5, 2020

Netflix’s ‘Deaf U’ Wants to Break Boundaries and Showcase Deaf Culture

By Kristen Lopez

It’s interesting to be a disabled journalist covering shows about disability; in a junket format like what the TCAs, it often exposes just why shows like “Deaf U” are so vital. Many journalists asked more about the technical elements of shooting a series than anything that could be construed about disability specifically.

And “Deaf U” is a series that shouldn’t be put out of audiences’ minds. The reality series, produced by deaf advocate and actor Nyle DiMarco, follows a group of students attending Gallaudet University, a private college catering to the deaf and hard of hearing. For DiMarco, the goal of the series is to show deaf people as humans, from all walks of life. Too often, DiMarco explained, the hearing community looks at the deaf community as a monolith, with one experience. “There truly is no right way to being deaf,” DiMarco said.