March 25, 2020

Netflix Paying Talent Guarantees During Production Shutdowns — Report

By Tyler Hersko

Netflix might have been forced to halt production on virtually all of its upcoming television shows, but the ongoing pandemic isn’t stopping the company from paying cast members who have been impacted by the production shutdowns.

Deadline reported that Netflix has started paying cast members on shows impacted by the production shutdowns. Actors on series that were filming or were about to go into production are receiving their minimum guarantees, which are the amounts of money that actors are contractually obligated to receive. The publication noted that the initial wave would impact around a dozen series and said that the list would likely grow as more shows’ productions are impacted by the outbreak.

It is unclear if Netflix had been paying impacted individuals during the interim between the initial production shutdowns and Deadline’s new report. It is also unclear which series are impacted by the decision or the total financial sum of the move. A company spokesperson did not return a request for comment.