February 13, 2020

Meet the husband and wife team behind Kentucky’s first black-owned distillery

By Anagha Srikanth

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, but what’s often forgotten is the long history of black distillers in the state. Husband and wife Sean and Tia Edwards plan to put black-owned distilleries back on the map.

Growing up in Kentucky, Sean helped his uncle and grandfather bootleg alcohol by collecting and cleaning bottles on the weekends. He told the story at a gathering to announce the new distillery in remembrance of his uncle, who died a few months earlier.

“I was always fascinated about the making of alcohol,” he said to the crowd.

Sean registered Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co. in 2017 as a premier, African-American-owned Bourbon brand. The company’s products are mashed, fermented, distilled, matured and later bottled entirely in Kentucky. For now, their recipes are being produced under a contract with Hartfield & Co. Distillery, in Paris, Ky.