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Marlee Matlin Calls Out Importance of Open Captioned Films After Sundance Jury Walkout

A day after Sundance juror Marlee Matlin walked out of the premiere of “Magazine Dreams” in protest, along with the rest of the festival jury, the Oscar winner talked in-depth about the importance of open captions on film. Speaking at the Variety and Stacy’s Pita Chip Rise brunch, an event celebrating female creators on Jan. 21, Matlin passionately advocated for better inclusive storytelling. 

When asked about her work on the 2022 best picture winner “CODA” (which swept the 2021 Sundance fest as well), Matlin stressed the lengths her film took to embrace all fans of cinema. “The film was open caption, the entire film, so you couldn’t just turn it off and on,” Matlin told Variety Senior Entertainment Writer Angelique Jackson. “For me, it made me feel very included, because I could sit and watch the film with everyone reacting the same way, the same time, feeling the same emotions. It worked on so many different levels. That’s about ‘CODA,’ and it’s a movie I’m really damn proud of.”

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