August 6, 2019

Making Good on Its Promise to Make Change, Gucci Announces a Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion—and It’s a Woman of Color

By Maiysha Kai

Representation matters. It matters at the ballot box, at the box office, and most importantly, in the boardroom. And as Gucci and any number of fashion brands have discovered, it matters when it comes to the bottom line. After weathering a media firestorm and celebrity-proposed boycott when a sweater eerily resembling blackface hit the shelves, the label, with significant input from collaborator Dapper Dan, vowed to diversify its ranks. In recent months, it has done exactly that, creating a Changemakers Council (of predominantly black advisers), and creating long-overdue leadership roles to help address its blind spots.

On Tuesday, the label announced its biggest hire yet: attorney Rénee Tirado has been hired as the label’s first Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, ensuring that the representation Gucci needs to create a more equitable and aware internal environment and public presence is starting from the top down.