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Lawyer for Man Suing Over His Ex-Wife’s Alleged Abortion Laments ‘Stolen’ Fatherhood

Late last week, a Texas man named Marcus Silva sued three friends of his ex-wife, alleging that they helped her get abortion pills in July 2022. Somehow, it gets worse from there: Silva’s lawyers put out a statement on Friday evening saying that abortion robs men of their chance to be fathers.

The lawsuit claims helping someone have a medication abortion is murder in Texas and Silva is suing the friends for wrongful death and a whopping $1 million in damages. (Texas law exempts pregnant people from prosecution for abortion and his ex-wife is not named as a defendant.) Some of the suit’s details are very suspect: The former couple’s divorce was finalized in February, and it’s unclear how Silva obtained photos of his ex-wife’s to present what he claims are her text messages in court—a thumb is visible in at least seven of the photos of her phone screen showing the texts.

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