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JCPenney Expands Its Product Offerings By Adding Black And Brown Beauty Brands And Adaptive Fashions

Lots of changes are going on at JCPenney. One notable change is in the beauty category. Thirteen Lune, an on-line site that offers beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders, is expanding into retail with a new partnership with JCPenney. The launch in select locations in October will be with about 30 Thirteen Lane brands. After the limited introduction, there will be a national rollout in the fall of 2022.

There are currently about 600 Sephora Beauty shops in JCPenney stores, and the addition of Thirteen Lune will make the beauty area a one-stop shopping experience. Nyakio Grieco, co-founder of Thirteen Lune and owner of beauty brand Nyakio, and JCPenney GMM Michelle Wlazlo spoke about their first meeting at JCPenney, describing it as emotional “with like-minded people coming together”.

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