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It’s Time To Make Sport More Inclusive And Diverse

Finally, the world of sport is back on its feet, and the whole world is watching.

Therein lies the problem. Sport is one of the least diverse, least progressive, least sustainable industries, yet we pour money, time, and our undivided attention into it year after year.

Throughout the history of almost every sport, there’s been a distinct lack of inclusivity and representation. While things have certainly improved, there is still a way to go to see the Women’s World Cup reach the same heights as the Men’s, or the Paralympics garner the same viewing figures as the Olympics. With 2019 research by the European Parliament finding that 85% of media coverage is of male athletes, and 90% of articles on sports written by men, it’s no real surprise we still haven’t achieved a healthy balance.

But the issue goes far beyond demographic representation. In recent months, a complete lack of inclusivity – of athletes like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles’ health and wellbeing, not simply their identities – has further demonstrated the huge lengths the sporting world still has to go to achieve real diversity on the field. This is only compounded by the fact both Osaka and Biles are women of colour.


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