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Issa Rae, Shonda Rhimes Among 400 Female TV Writers Calling On Major Studios for Deeper Safety Protocols in Anti-Abortion States

On Thursday, over 400 female TV writers, showrunners and creatives joined together to urge major entertainment studios like Netflix, Disney, Apple, Warner Bros. and more to expand safety protocols for pregnant women in anti-abortion states.

According to Variety, the letter is specifically seeking written policies for how the companies plan to “subsidize employees’ travel to obtain abortions, as well as how employee privacy will be protected. They want protocols for medical care for ectopic pregnancies and other pregnancy complications that require medical treatment.” The collective is also demanding “criminal and civil indemnification for anyone helping an employee obtain an abortion.” Lastly, they’re asking for those companies to stop “all political donations to anti-abortion candidates and political action committees immediately.” In addition to the aforementioned places that received the letter, additional studios include NBC Universal, Paramount, Amazon, Lionsgate, AMC, and Discovery.

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