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How to Make the Most of Resources for Black Business Owners

When Malla Haridat heard New York City was launching programs to mentor minority business owners, she almost fell out of her chair. “So often we hear promises,” she says. “But don’t hear results.”

Haridat, a business coach, was on a panel of business owners discussing opportunities for Black business owners. She and her fellow panelists described a range of resources available for Black and minority business owners.

The increased focus on the Black business owners and resources devoted to them has created a “golden age” for entrepreneurs of color, says Kathey Porter, principal and CEO of Porter Brown Associates, a professional training and consulting firm in Alachua, Florida. It began even before the Black Lives Matter movement and protests of 2020, she says.

“If you were thinking about setting out and doing something,” she says, “this is the moment.”

The conversation occurred in an Inc. National Small Business Town Hall stream event Thursday, moderated by Teneshia Carr, Inc. contributing editor and founder of Blanc Media. Here are a few highlights of the resources the group talked about.

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