June 29, 2020

Fox Sells Rights For United States Golf Assocation, Including U.S. Open, To NBC Sports

By Jill Goldsmith

Fox has sold NBC Sports media rights to the United States Golf Association, including the U.S. Open with years of the deal left running through 2027.

NBC owns the Golf Channel and has rights to the PGA Tour.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the story, said Comcast’s NBC Universal is paying significantly less than what Fox had been paying for its deal that started in 2015 as it bulked up on content for its new national sports cable channel Fox Sports 1. NBC and Disney’s ESPN had previousy shared the rights until Fox outbid them with a $1.1 billion pact that put the annual price at $93 million. Now it’s back on NBC. The WSJ said NBC’s new deal is only slightly more than the $37 million it and ESPN were paying six years ago, citing people close to the talks said