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Facebook And Instagram Are The Most-Hacked Sites, Study Finds

Facebook accounts are first when it comes to being hacked, followed by Instagram and Spotify, according to an analysis by security firm VPN Central.   

These three platforms dominate when it comes to hacking-related searches per month. Spotify is the first non-social media service to appear in the top ten.

Facebook has been hit by several data breaches, including one in 2021 that exposed data on 530 million users. Instagram has had so many accounts hacked that in December 2022 it introduced a hub that offers methods for users to retrieve access to hacked accounts.

Twitch, the live streaming services, takes fourth place, despite its two-factor authentication service.  

The methodology is as follows: VPN Central analyzed average monthly Google searches to determine the highest searches for such hacking-related terms as “hack”, “account hacked”, and “hacking.” 

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