September 23, 2020

Exclusive Poll: Most Young Voters Favor Biden But Support Has Slipped Among Black And Hispanic Youth

By Jack Brewster

More than half of likely young voters—57%—say they prefer Democratic nominee Joe Biden over Donald Trump, according to the newest ForbesUnder 30 Voter Survey, Powered by John Zogby Strategies. But the margin has narrowed since our June poll, when Biden hit a record high 60%.

President Trump’s vision of America, starkly laid out at the August GOP convention, might have had some impact on his support among the country’s youngest voters—35% up from 31% in June—although it’s a net zero from our January poll.

Fading Bases 

After protests swept the nation in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Biden has seen his edge slip with young Black voters. The former VP now leads Trump 70%-20% among young Black voters—a decline from June’s 77% and an uptick for Trump from 14%. Among Hispanics, too, Biden’s edge dipped slightly from 66% to 62% in three months while Trump climbed from 27% to 32%.