September 12, 2019

Does Rihanna’s Rumored Fragrance Have The Same ‘Heavenly’ Effect On Mere Mortals?

It was an extremely unsurprising development when, in July, word spread that Rihanna smells incredible. A Twitter thread compiled video after video of various celebrities raving about her “heavenly” scent. Ryan Seacrest, king of the red carpet, went so far as to dub her the “best smelling celeb.”

Also unsurprising was our (and everyone else’s) piqued interest in what it was exactly that gave her this supposedly intoxicating aroma. According to a Stylecaster piece from 2016, which was later reported on by Harper’s Bazaar, the fragrance in question, aside from what we assume is Rih’s natural odor, is a spicy, sweet perfume by Kilian called Love, Don’t Be Shy.