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Diversity is not ‘a journey.’ Here’s why soft language in DEI may actually make it more difficult to achieve hard results

The word “journey” is overused in the corporate world–and it’s easy to see why. Saying you’re on a journey implies your job isn’t–and perhaps never will be–done.

Indeed, in business, you are in fact never done. The world evolves. Your market evolves. Your customers evolve. We evolve. The context that surrounds us–from people to processes to technologies–is perpetually changing. But evolution requires that milestones are met, that periodic objectives are clear, and that deliverables and impact can be quantified. So words matter–a lot.

When it comes to emphasizing action on diversity, equity, and Inclusion (DEI), “journey” is far too squishy of a word, especially if your DEI objectives represent a strategic imperative. If a journey seems and feels endless, do you ever arrive? Does it imply that you are wandering toward some abstract destination instead of being focused and purposefully driven?

While DEI is typically regarded as an issue of employee representation, it’s much more than that. In fact, DEI is central to the future of every business and organization. It must be a part of each organization’s growth strategy.

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