July 31, 2020

Diversity, inclusivity matter: We can’t break through barriers and leave others behind

By Adrian Mayse

In the midst of civil unrest in America after the death of George Floyd and the growing attention on race relations, biases based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and cultural divides, it is important to ask the question, what is the role that each of us play during this critical time?

Are you bold enough to speak up for a group of people who you do not identify with? Are you advocating for and supporting individuals who are different than you?

If yes, you are using your “privilege” to promote diversity and inclusion.

If no, what is the reason? What is stopping you from speaking up on behalf of those whom you do not identify with? All human beings should be comfortable being who they are within any place of society. We all want to be productive employees, students and citizens. In order for us to do that we must do the work and be allies.