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Disability Advocates Fear Republican House Takeover: ‘We Are Still Very Much In Danger’

With Republicans set to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January, the disability community is worried about potentially catastrophic repercussions for abortion rights, health care and social services. 

“We will continue to fear every election where major seats may be up for grabs that could change the political landscape for disabled folks,” said Leslie Templeton, co-founder of the Disabled and Pro-Choice Coalition.

Republicans have made it clear that they want to undo aspects of the Inflation Reduction Act, including the cap on insulin prices for Medicare beneficiaries. GOP leaders have also suggested cutting disability safety nets like Social Security rather than strengthening them ― all while Americans are facing an ongoing pandemic that increasingly is being ignored by policymakers, noted Matthew Cortland, a senior fellow at the polling firm Data for Progress.

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