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Creative Flavor: Adriana Hernández Keeps Inclusion and Community Top-Of-Mind

For Upstreamers creative director Adriana Hernández, getting involved in the advertising industry was a matter of merely continuing an early interest in the pop culture and conversational aspects of ads.

“In my country of origin, Argentina, advertising was always part of pop culture and discussing ads with people outside the ad industry was something very common,” the LA-based creative shared with Adweek, “So, I naturally grew up absorbing that passion, and it sparked my love for creativity and advertising.” 

Featured in Adweek’s Creative Flavor series, made in collaboration with Produ and Circulo Creativo, Adriana Hernández cites her recent work for the CDC in helping to combat Covid-19 vaccine misinformation among Latinos as a career highlight. The campaign, “The Know-It-Alls,” urged consumers to fact-check everything in order to get ahead of vaccine misinformation campaigns.

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