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COVID showed us how to create work that finally includes people with disabilities

Weeks after many large U.S. employers and their workers began a new hybrid work model, the results so far are messy. Executives who said they’re excited to join their colleagues again in person aren’t showing up.  And some employees say they’d rather quit than work in the office.

It turns out the flexibility the pandemic forced employers to give workers—like the freedom to work from home and more control over their schedules—may be just what employees needed to be more productive and create a better, healthier life. While this flexible, more person-centered approach is new for many, it’s exactly what people with disabilities have been fighting for long before we first heard of COVID-19.

Right now, a lot of people may be rethinking and reshaping work life to include an office setting that doesn’t feel right anymore. That experience is something very familiar to millions

of people with disabilities.  Before the pandemic, so many people with disabilities had to adapt to workplaces and work cultures that never felt right because they were never designed with them in mind.

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