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Breonna Taylor Shooting Footage Played at Restaurant, Interrupting Diners with Sounds of Gunshots

The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky held an event at a restaurant with not-so-special guest John Mattingly, per NBC News. The former cop was invited to talk about “his side” of the Breonna Taylor shooting. As a result, restaurant patrons unaffiliated with the event were disturbed by the playing of the body camera footage.

Mattingly, who seemingly did a Kyle Rittenhouse-esque rebranding, is now an author and conservative speaker. The GOP group invited him to the Bowling Green Country Club in Kentucky to discuss his book, “12 Seconds In The Dark: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Account Of The Breonna Taylor Raid.” The group told Spectrum News Louisville they believed even though the Breonna Taylorraid was “controversial,” Mattingly had the right to share his experience… as if we hadn’t heard about it enough through all the court hearings.

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