October 8, 2019

Black men make up only 2% of teachers in the US. A group named ‘Call Me MISTER’ wants to change that

By CNN Wire

Kyle Fersner entered his senior year of high school knowing what he wanted to do for a living — become a psychiatrist. But earlier this year, a fifth grade boy said something to the 18-year-old that changed his mind. Fersner wants to be a teacher now.

Fersner was observing the boy’s class as part of his school’s teacher cadet program in South Carolina that he’d joined out of curiosity.

“Hey, you look like a rapper,” Fersner recalled the boy saying.

“He said I look like Lil Pump,” a popular rapper of Hispanic descent. At the time, Fersner’s hair was long and braided, like Lil Pump’s.