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After brutal layoffs, many workers say they’re fed up with full-time work. Is this ‘The Great Betrayal?’

On January 20, Justin Moore, a software engineer at Google, woke up to discover his account was deactivated. After over 16 years at the company, this was the only information he received to tell him that he was one of the 12,000 employees laid off.

Justin joined countless other ex-Googlers—many of them top performers—who swarmed LinkedIn to share the news, as they had no other way to say goodbye. And vent about the betrayal and lack of loyalty.  

“I can’t feel gratitude in this moment for a company that I gave so much of myself to, but felt it appropriate to part ways by locking me (and 12,000 of my colleagues) out of my corporate account at 4am,” wrote Blair Bolick, a Google recruiter. “I’m devastated. I’m sad, angry.”

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