August 6, 2019

A New Study Has Simple Advice for Collectors Looking for Big Returns on Art: Invest In Women

By Sarah Cascone

Although the price for women’s artworks at auction still lag far behind those of their male counterparts, there is one segment of the market where women are taking the lead, finds a new study from Sotheby’s Mei Moses. When it comes to works traded on the auction market, women’s prices are rising at a much faster rate than prices for works by men.

The study, published in the latest issue of the online publication In Other Words by Sotheby’s subsidiary Art Agency Partners, considers works sold more than once, comparing the price differential for art by women—in the All Art-Female index—to that of work by men—in the All Art-Male index.

Sotheby’s Mei Moses found that between 2012 and 2018, sales results rose just eight percent for men, while women saw the price for their work go up an astonishing 73 percent. By comparison, the study found that resale markets for men and women had been about the same over the 50 previous years. Contemporary women artists active after 1945 saw the biggest boost, reselling for 87.7 percent more than their male peers. Other female artists outperformed the men by 30.7 percent.