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5 signs you should stay at a job rather resigning

After the pandemic, the world of work changed. While in some ways work changed for the better, it didn’t stop “the Great Resignation.” Between 2020 and 2022, record numbers of professionals quit the workplace and sought better work arrangements either with different employers or independently.

While it might be tempting to follow your peers and go searching for better-looking opportunities, here are five reasons why staying in your current job can actually pay off.


Staying in your current job doesn’t mean you won’t be able to evolve professionally. As workers leave your organization, there will be increased numbers of promotion opportunitiesavailable. With fewer colleagues to compete with, you could snap up a promotion and fill a senior role in your organization, much quicker than you could externally. You can end up with better pay and more responsibilities, with zero-risk taken.

Plus, companies are still more likely to hire internally than seek out new talent, especially during periods of instability. Staying put during this period of disruption proves to your employer that you’re dependable and trustworthy, making promotion within your organization more likely than it was before.

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