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3 tough questions every leader should ask themselves about diversity, equity and inclusion

In recent years, consumers and prospective employees have steadily raised the bar for businesses when it comes to the need to build a better world. Increasingly, consumers want to know that their money is going to socially conscious companies, and some of the most talented people in the workforce are showing us (in droves) that life is too short to spend working for employers who don’t value them for who they are. Meanwhile, evidence that organizations excel when they embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is clear.

Leaders in organizations across all industries realize that in the polarized world we live in, DEI is vitally important. But making a theoretical commitment to DEI and making a real impact in your organization’s work culture can be two very different things. Even the most passionate of passion projects can lose momentum over time without well-defined actions to fuel them.

So how can you ensure that your organization’s inclusion initiatives will succeed rather than fade into empty sentiments and wishful thinking? Here are three tough questions to ask to give your DEI efforts some traction.

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